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Dance of Shadows (Dance of Shadows - Trilogy)

Dance of Shadows - Yelena Black Sigh, yet another book that fails to live up to it's gorgeous cover. I was pretty excited for this because the premise sounded pretty promising and like what many have been saying, it could possibly be like the Black Swan of YA novels but unfortunately there were so many problems with this book that I honestly couldn't have liked it as much as I tried. The largest problem of them all and one can basically kill or make a book for me are the characters. I can ay that there isn't a single character in the book that I liked or could relate to. Vanessa, as the female protagonist, was horribly one-dimensional, shallow and made pretty stupid decisions. I honestly couldn't understand or connect to Vanessa and it just felt like she didn't have a brain of her own. There were a few instances in the book (I'm going to just avoid spoilers) which should have raised the red flag but Vanessa chose to either ignore or she just refuses to acknowledge it's existence. The rest of the characters were equally flat and I honestly could barely even differentiate them at times. The second issue that irked me was the insta-love and infatuation going on between Vanessa and Zeppelin. I mean, he freaking breaks up with his girlfriend before he even had a real conversation with Vanessa. R.I.G.H.T. Plus there was the pre-requisite love triangle with Justin, whom was supposed to be mysterious and all but just seems like a stalker to me. Finally, the writing was really mediocre. I might not be the best judge of this but I can safely say that the writing, in no way, managed to engage nor captivate me one bit. It reads a bit awkward and the pace is horribly slow. Ballet-wise, I'm not a dancer so the terms and all were pretty fine by me, I can't say the same for a professional dancer or anyone else who has taken ballet though. I actually liked the prologue and was pretty intrigued but the book moved so slowly that I began to lose all interest. Well, that plus the less than awesome writing and flat characters. And the problem with having a prologue that clearly hints (a VERY strong hint that is) at paranormal ongoings in the school, is that you can't possibly move the book at a snail's pace or your reader is seriously going to get very frustrated at your protagonist for not figuring it out when it's already blatantly in the readers' faces. So yep, I think it's safe to say I won't be picking up the second book.Also posted on rabbitsfortea