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Binky Takes Charge

Binky Takes Charge (A Binky Adventure) - Ashley Spires I got a free copy of this on netgalley.Binky Takes Charge is the fourth book in the Binky series which follows the story of Binky the cat who thinks he is a 'space cat'. I will let you find out for yourself Binky's definition of 'space' and 'aliens', which I didn't expect and thought was cute. In this installment, Binky is a lieutenant and has to train his very first space cat but he gets a surprise when his first trainee turns out to be a seemingly dumb dog.I really liked the graphics in this short graphic novel with their muted colours and adorable illustrations. Binky has a unique look and his expressions are pretty spot-on for a cat, especially his grumpy and sarcastic faces! Binky's and Gordie's relationship reminds me of Garfield and Odie, not in a bad way. The ending was really cute too and shows that not all dogs are dumb, as most cat centric films/cartoons would do.I think this series would be more suited for children around ages 5 and up as the colours used are not really attractive for younger kids and an older audience would probably enjoy this as well.