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Under the Never Sky (Under the Never Sky, #1)

Under the Never Sky (Under the Never Sky, #1) - Veronica Rossi Also posted on rabbitsforteaMy ThoughtsFrom the moment I set my eyes on this gorgeous book, I fell in love with both the title and the cover. Rossi's Under the Never Sky debuted in early 2012 with a bang and I have been hearing many good things about this book, so I've finally decided that now would be a good time to start, since the second book in the series will be released soon. This was one book that I excitedly dove into but emerged pretty disappointed. I honestly expected to love or at least like it VERY much and I did try my hardest to, but unfortunately, Under the Never Sky never did reach my expectations. StorylineUtNS is placed under the dystopian, sci-fi category which I guess is part of it's marketing after the dystopian hype, but this book barely fits under the dystopian category. It's definitely much more science fiction and even then, I don't think hardcore sci-fi readers will fancy this too much. The main storyline is pretty normal, with your two protagonists from different worlds going on a journey with a somewhat similar goal, to save their loved ones. The problem lies with the world building, which is very basic. Nothing is very much elaborated on or even explained and I was left wondering if I missed out reading anything cos I simply didn't understand how exactly Aria's and Perry's worlds worked. The pacing of the book started out slow and only picked up towards the later end of the book.CharactersThis was another huge problem for me and the main reason why I didn't love the book. I don't dislike any of the main characters but unfortunately, I didn't love them either. Everyone's gushing over Perry but for me, it's like he's sweet and really funny at times but him and Aria's characters just fell a bit flat for me. It might be the alternating third party POV at work here that didn't allow me to feel fully engaged with both characters but I was sorely disappointed with this. But then ROAR happened, and all was good.Roar was truly the highlight of the book for me (Perry comes at a close second), he made things more light hearted and was just being his awesome self. I really hope he appears more in Book 2 (with Liv!) and he does have a novella that I have yet to read, so yay for that!RomanceOne of the things that I did love about this book was that there was NO "insta-love" nor a love triangle. I know right, colour me amazed. The build up for Aria and Perry's romance was pretty spot on and the pacing was well done so when they finally did get together, it felt right. But okay, that very one scene about violets? That was something that wasn't for me, it just felt too cheesy and awkward. Everytime Perry mentioned about her Aria's violet scent, I felt a strong urge to snigger.Final VerdictFinal VerdictWell, I wouldn't strongly recommend this book to everyone but if you are in the market for a very light dystopian/sci-fi read that has an ample balance of romance and action, I would say you can check out Under the Never Sky. But quite honestly, there are other books that I find to be much better written than this. I will read the second book though, just because I'm pretty curious to see how things will play out from here. Fingers crossed that it will be much better!