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Vampire Academy

Vampire Academy - Richelle Mead As her virtual friends sat around their computers with bated breath waiting for the final verdict, Elaine finally looked up from her Kindle and smiled. "Well, good news everyone. I liked it! In fact, I have no idea why I rated it with only 2 stars the first time I read it. I must have been compelled by a vampire." She declared, looking just a touch puzzled. Her mobile phone buzzed merrily with notifications as the comments came pouring in, agreeing on the blunder she had made the first time round and urging her to continue with the rest of the books. Thank goodness for virtual friends, she thought to herself. Who else could you pour out your thoughts on a book you've just read at 3am to? "Time for bed," she sighed to herself and drifted off into a make believe land where Dimitri would belong to her and her alone. If you made it to the end without cringing, I applaud you! Regardless, I'll deny any accusations of terrible writing and go with the excuse that it's 3am and my brain isn't working.(First read in Sept 2009. Re-read in Feb 2013.)