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Easy - Tammara Webber 4.5 flaming hot stars.I've swooned over Graham in the [b:Between the Lines|11262424|Between the Lines (Between the Lines, #1)|Tammara Webber|http://d.gr-assets.com/books/1346797684s/11262424.jpg|16189235] series and now I'm totally swooning over Landon Lucas Maxfield. I need to kowtow to Ms Webber for creating such hot, swoon-worthy and extremely mature (pretty much flawless I might add) male characters. But I also need to cry hysterically like a mad woman because her books have officially killed my expectations for real world guys in the sense that I'm pretty sure no guy I meet, will EVER live up to such standards.Ms Webber's books should be handed out to college guys (I guess high school would work too) just to let them know what they are up against and what we girls are expecting. Her books should be marketed to guys as 'The Guidelines to Capturing a Girl's Heart". I do realize that by now, I'm starting to sound a little mentally unsound and psychotic.At the risk of sounding totally shallow, I must add that apart from the clear reason stated above, I did also adore the friendship between Erin and Jacqueline and the way that the rape issue was handled. It didn't take place just for the sake of drama and was portrayed in a realistic manner while illustrating the seriousness of this issue. Which in my opinion, is why this book should be marketed as New Adult and not just because of the sex scenes like the marketers have been yapping about. Although the sex scenes in this book are seriously well written and wonderfully steamy (;Lastly, I would just like to shout out to Lucas, Graham (yes, I am aware that they are fictional) and all guys out there who might be similar to these two guys, but I have not had the fortune of meeting.& if you are ever looking for a girlfriendBut for now