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Don't Want to Miss a Thing

Don't Want to Miss a Thing - Jill Mansell 2.5 starsA single, hot British guy with a baby?Yep, Ms Mansell has hit the jackpot (in the eyes of us females at least) once again with her male lead in this latest novel.To be fair, I did like this book. For the most part, it appealed to the hopeless romantic in me, and I mean, I have a terribly weak spot for british men... And babies. Molly was a pretty likeable character too, as with most of Mansell's female leads. I did also like the side characters and their own little romances. But unfortunately (obviously a but was coming up), the novel also did irked the inner cynic in me. It has the formula which no chick lit books could go wrong with. You have the playboy alpha male who moves to the countryside and meets his funny and attractive, but not in the drop dead gorgeous way mind you, female neighbour. Stuff happens. They get together with other extremely gorgeous people but it doesn't work out because he still loves her and she find him waaaay too dull and well you know the ending. Seriously, I really don't even need the spoiler tags, but I'll just put it there any way, just in case. What irks me is that, the second female lead is always more attractive and successful than the first and the second male lead is always more boring than the first. It's pretty cliched and I'm quite sure I've read something along these lines in her previous books. So I guess if this is your first time reading a Jill Mansell novel, by all means go for it. You'll probably enjoy it. But if it isn't your first, and like me, you've been consistently reading all her other novels, I say don't waste your money on it. Check it out from the library or something. It's rather cute and funny at times, but really not all that much different from the rest of her novels. I really hope her next book will bring something fresh to the table, I'm getting rather bored by her predictable storylines.