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Speechless - Hannah Harrington Also posted on rabbitsforteaYou can be surrounded by people and still be lonely. You can be the most popular person in the school, envied by every girl and wanted by every boy, and still feel completely worthless. The world can be laid at your feet and you can still not know what you want from it.The thing that first drew me to this book was the wonderfully simple cover that from far looks just like a blank paper. Speechless. This book is very aptly named and beautifully written. I honestly don't quite know how to put my feelings about this book down in words as I always do the books I love. I can cut myself some slack somes. Because I'm a work in progress. Because nobody is perfect. At least, I acknowledge the mistakes I've made, and am making. At least I'm trying. That means something, doesn't it?I think this quote perfectly sums up why I liked Chelsea so much. She starts out as a very flawed character but at the end of the book, I don't find that she has become a saint either. Yes, I still think that she has flaws but at the very least, she did look at herself and try to change.I can definitely appreciate that.I really loved her new group of friends as well. Asher and Andy are both pretty hilarious and Sam is just downright sweet. I also loved how the romance between Chelsea and Sam played out. The pacing for the story was pretty spot on.How it seems so impossible that someone could look at them, see how plainly they care for each other, and find anything ugly or shameful or worthy of hatred in it, when all I see is something beautiful.Speechless also touches on the issue of bullying and homophobia, but it was done in a way that doesn't feel like it's trying to shove what's morally right down your throat. Rather, it is done in a more pensive manner which I really liked. It makes you think love, hatred, friendship, forgiveness and so much more. This was one YA contemporary that thankfully lived up to it's hype and made me fall in love with Harrington's writing and characters.This book deserves a very solid 4 stars but it was just lacking that little something that takes my breath away, for me to actually rate it as 5 stars.