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Neverfall - Brodi Ashton Neverfall takes place right after Everneath's ending, which is good considering Everbound will be due for release in around a month's time. What I did like about this novella is that it gave us a look into the Everneath through Cole's POV and there was a new group of people being introduced (Delphinians) which would be a good prelude into Everneath's history, assuming that it will be delved into in the second book (more action and world building please!). It also allows us to see things from Cole's POV and we get some snarky lines from him, which I did love.Having this novella in Cole's POV, I guess, is supposed to help him seem less of a villain and more of a contender for Nikki's heart but unfortunately, all this does for me is to remove the villain tag and put on a slightly obsessive stalker tag on Cole. I started off not really caring for Cole's character and after reading Neverfall, I still don't exactly care for him which makes me a bit worried as I'm pretty sure Everneath will be focusing A LOT on Nikki and Cole. This is also the main reason why I'm only giving this three stars.Nuff said, bring on the second book!