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Where You Are (Between the Lines, #2)

Where You Are (Between the Lines, #2) - Tammara Webber I would rate this as 5 stars in a heartbeat IF it were based solely on Graham and Emma's relationship, but unfortunately, no romance novel can actually become a novel if not for conflicts. And very unfortunately, the conflicts in this book took upon the form of Brooke and Reid's alternating POVs.While I can appreciate that it is necessary for this book, it is awfully cliched and despite me trying my very best to sympathize with both antagonists (especially Reid), I just couldn't do so; and that is despite having Reid's POV and backstory in the first book. Their POVs were imo pretty crucial as it's only fair to read about their motives and backstory to get the whole picture but unfortunately, does no service to either of their characters for me. I am hence, really dreading to continue with the third (and very possibly the fourth, since it might be on Brooke) and last book of this series, as of now.That aside, [b:Between the Lines|11262424|Between the Lines (Between the Lines, #1)|Tammara Webber|http://d.gr-assets.com/books/1346797684s/11262424.jpg|16189235] won me over with Emma and Graham's relationship and this book managed to get it's high ratings due to them as well. Their relationship was really well-written and convincingly sweet, which got me smiling at every conversation they have together. I am also head over heels in love with Graham and totally aware that he is 100% fictional. He is unexpectedly mature for a guy who has graduated college, but he also does have a 4 year old daughter (whom I also LOVE and lamenting the fact that we don't get to really see the three of them in action) and I would want to believe that guys like him actually exist, so I'm just going to say, it's not abnormal to have such a character. I would also have love to see more of Emily, who is the perfect best friend alive, with her kickass pink hair and adorable Abercrombie boyfriend. Where You Are was a really decent read and sequel to Between the Lines which I would recommend to everyone who loved Graham and Emma in the first book. It wasn't perfect but I will settle for what more we can get out of their relationship in this book.PS. Graham, will you marry me?