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Spark (Brigid Kemmerer's Elemental Series #2)

Spark - Brigid Kemmerer Gabriel Straight out, I knew I was going to love him so much more than I did Chris. Back in Storm, I just couldn't get Chris. Gabriel, however, was a whole new different story. Yes, most of the time, you really want to shake him for being so quick tempered and lashing out at everyone around him. But you also feel his desperation for someone to just listen and believe in him. Which is why when Gabriel and Nick were fighting, I honestly wanted to punch Nick (and Quinn at times) for not being there for his brother. Yes, Gabriel was being an ass but they are twins for gods sake, surely he would have known that something was up?! The scene where he broke down in front of his twin killed me. It's just so easy to relate to Gabriel, his lack of control, his fear of being alone. So complex and so much to love.LayneI don't LOVE her, but I do quite like her quite a bit, much more than I do Becca that's for sure. I do have a certain soft spot for bookish female leads and it helps that she is a strong female who's able to stand her own against Gabriel. Got to love their hot arguments ;)Other FavouritesHunter, Hunter, Hunter.Hunter and Gabriel, all the way. This book just made my love for Hunter increase so much more and I absolutely cannot wait for his book to be out. I really really do hope that they continue expanding on Hunter/Gabriel's friendship in his book as I think Gabriel could really use a friend like Hunter and their friendship was progressing along pretty nicely in this book.Michael has got to be my second favourite Merrick brother. Even though he continues to remain in the background (he comes out more often in Spark than Storm though), his character and his presence somehow just really stands out for me. You see his struggle to deal with his brothers after their parents' death and it just really gets you. /sobIn short, what's really pulling me back from giving this book an amazing 5stars review is really the lack of advancement in plot AND most importantly, the cliched romance. I have a love-hate relationship with cliched romances, really. I don't deny that I do enjoy them at times, but sometimes (unfortunately, this was one of them) it comes on so strong that I just find myself groaning whenever I read about it.Plus, the whole being assaulted by guy(s) and then getting saved by the boys again? Really? Okay, maybe I'm too harsh considering no one else found a problem with this. I did enjoy the relationship a lot more later on in the book though, and their chemistry is pretty undeniable.With all that said, I won't deny that I still do like this book, A LOT. Most of it merited to the main characters in this book as well as Hunter and Michael. Plot wise, this book focused A LOT more on Gabriel's internal struggle with the control of his element rather than the whole Elemental/Guides storyline which we'll probably get more of that in the third book. CAN'T WAIT! PS. It's the first time I've written such a lengthy review, so if anyone sees this, be nice?